Glorious Poppies!

The photos above show the pond, surrounded by poppies, just after it was topped up to overflowing – thanks to Russell Smith farms!

I’m sitting watching the rain and hoping that it will rain all night and all day tomorrow! Duxford seems to have its own microclimate with little rain, even when there are black clouds all around us. We continue to water the new trees and have applied for another grant to bring water on site – this would make it so much easier for volunteers to help – following the tractor around with buckets is strenuous work and not for the faint-hearted, but if we didn’t do it, the trees would surely fail.

Water on site would eventually enable us to have a drinking station where you could refill your bottles and help reduce the use of single use plastics.

We have added some safety equipment and signs around the pond and will soon be putting some more seating around the site – there are definitely not enough places to relax and enjoy the views!

The gravel beach is perfect for paddling, but please stay out of the rest of the pond – we know it’s tempting when the temperature rises, but cool off feet only please!

Hortiservices have made a great job of the 2 new sections of path – these should make it even easier for those of you taking your exercise on the field.

If you spot something interesting, please add it to our new blackboard on the dipping deck – and if you have a smart phone, take a photo and email it to us at

We are keeping a log of all the flora and fauna seen on site, so don’t forget to add your name and date of siting.

We have decided to rearrange the open day only when we are certain that it won’t be postponed once again, so expect a really special event next spring, when we can all mix and celebrate together!