Brewery Field Project

The Story so Far

In 2010 the Parish council purchased a 1.67 hectare of agricultural land (known as Brewery field), South to give Duxford the park and green space needed. Following consultations and presentations to the village in May 2017 the council agreed that Brewery field would be developed as a Nature recreation park. In Sep 2017 the council appointed Sarah Ashworth was appointed to create a design for the park In January 2018 following a presentation to the Annual Parish Meeting the plans were submitted to south Cambs planning and received approval in April 2018. Tenders have been sent out and the Parish Council hope to make their decision in September Full details can be found on the Brewery field section of Parish council website click here to go to its page.

Now the hard work starts

Total cost of the project is in the region of £60,000 and with the pinch on public funding most of the cost will have to be from fund providers and donations. Both the Parish council and ourselves are making applications to this end but we will still need funding from the public  and volunteers to help plant the trees etc. If you would like to make a donation t then click below 


Why not join us?

Join the friends of Duxford and help  provide the village with an environment that would be the envy of our neighbours with green spaces for all to enjoy. Sign up for membership here or contact us via our contact page for further details.