Too little water and too many fish!

Where is the rain? Sarah and Barbara planted more pollinating plants in the Nectar Garden about a month ago, and since then we have had no rain. Even the trees are looking a little peaky and they should be strong enough by now not to need watering.

I went with the trolley and trugs to collect water from the containers attached to the bicycle and teen shelters, only to find that the one on the teen shelter had been emptied (for the 3rd time!) and much of the guttering had been pulled down. The one next to the bike shelter had had its lock broken, but still had enough water for me to water the plants and a few of the orchard trees.

This is the third time we’ve lost all the water and our plants are suffering. Any ideas how we can engage our youngsters’ interest so that they look after the space instead of hurting it?

We can repair the guttering, but the loss of water is a problem – we get so little rain here in the Duxford micro-climate and we have no natural water source, so collecting what little rain we have is essential.

Still on the subject of water, one or two well-meaning people have been adding fish to the Brewery Field wildlife pond – this is not a good thing.

Fish dramatically change the dynamic of a pond, eating the larvae and generally muddying the water. We have taken the advice of our experts and want to keep the Brewery Field pond evolving naturally.

Please don’t add wildlife to the wildlife pond!