Entrances are done!

The entrances are done and look great – we will shortly adjust the gates so that they don’t open outwards and will plant some more hedging.

We’ll also add a post at the Elms Close end – at the moment there remains a big gap next to the gate. Sadly, we haven’t been able to connect the Elms Close corner footpath to this entrance, as there was a risk of de-stabilising the adjacent telegraph pole and fencing. We hope to do this in the future.

If you are wondering why the maintenance vehicle entrance gate isn’t set back into the field, this was a specific instruction from Highways, who said there must be no possibility that the space will be used by school traffic.

The vehicle entrance will remain secured, with keys held only by the appointed contractors and Duxford Parish Council.  Additional hedging will be planted where there are gaps.

The spoils from the digging out have been moved to the area of the proposed habitat mound.

Construction of paths and further landscaping will only commence towards the end of July, so although there are now safer entrances onto the field, please note that there will be no connecting paths for a while yet.


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