Want to know how to sex a cowslip?

If you saw a strange group of people on their hands and knees in St John’s Churchyard this week and wondered what we were up to, a few of the Friends were responding to a call from Plantlife to survey the nation’s cowslips.

You can do it anywhere where cowslips are growing wild – once you’ve looked inside a few cowslips, it’s quite easy to tell the difference! Apparently a healthy population should have roughly 50:50 male to female. For a bit more information on how to do it, and to download the survey app, follow this link

We did get to roughly 50:50, so it seems all is well in the Duxford cowslip population! We also found a few diverse colours among them and sent Plantlife the photos with our report.

Thanks so much to our helpers, Barbara, Malcolm and Mike.

A bit of TLC…

The Millennium Garden has been a bit neglected in recent years. The front part is an asset to the village, laid to lawn and with a bench and some fine trees, but the rear part behind the hedge has become overgrown and looks unloved.

With a couple of wonderful volunteers – thanks Barbara and Paul – we had a go at the flowerbed today, removing nettles, ground elder and grass that had taken hold. It is so dry at the moment that even the friendly robin didn’t make it down to catch the worms that we turned up, but it looks so much better, and all in a couple of hours.