Want to know how to sex a cowslip?

If you saw a strange group of people on their hands and knees in St John’s Churchyard this week and wondered what we were up to, a few of the Friends were responding to a call from Plantlife to survey the nation’s cowslips.

You can do it anywhere where cowslips are growing wild – once you’ve looked inside a few cowslips, it’s quite easy to tell the difference! Apparently a healthy population should have roughly 50:50 male to female. For a bit more information on how to do it, and to download the survey app, follow this link

We did get to roughly 50:50, so it seems all is well in the Duxford cowslip population! We also found a few diverse colours among them and sent Plantlife the photos with our report.

Thanks so much to our helpers, Barbara, Malcolm and Mike.

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