Fantastic help from our volunteers!

This month we were lucky enough to be offered 10 – yes 10! – staff from Duxford company SMT (Volvo). Together with our loyal volunteers from the village, they spread 2500 litres of mulch around the trees, added the cleared turfs to cover the new hibernaculum by the pond, strimmed and scythed the mound and planted a brand new hedge (100 saplings donated by around the woodpile and compost area.

We were extremely lucky to have great weather on both days. The mulch is all gone and the trees are going to thrive now that they are protected and fed.

Huge thanks to SMT, to all their staff who put in so much effort, and thanks as ever to members of our core volunteer team, Barbara, Paul, Toshi and Joanne, guided expertly by Sarah.

SMT have created their own nature reserve on their site – our next project is to see how we can create a wildlife corridor between Brewery Field and SMT.

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