Brewery Field Fishing Competition!

Even though many of the goldfish were fished out last summer, the few remaining have been making hay and have now become (at least) 13. They will be eating all our newt and dragonfly lava, so once again we need your help, and this time there is a prize!

  1. Sign up by emailing: (messages will be checked on Mondays).
  2. Catch a fish with a line or a net (you must hold a rod licence to catch with a line).
  3. Take a picture of you with the goldfish. You can then rehome it.
  4. Email us with the good news and attach your picture.
  5. The winner will receive their prize at the Brewery Field Biodiversity Focus Day on Saturday 20th May.
  6. If you cannot rehome the goldfish, we will put you in touch with people who want to take them.
  7. If you want free goldfish and you have a suitable pond, please let us know by emailing the same address, confirming agreement to share your email address.

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