And suddenly it’s September…

Although you wouldn’t think it when we are all sweltering away in 30*C! As usual, even though there’s been rain elsewhere, the Duxford microclimate has stayed obstinately dry – thank heavens we now have the borehole. This time I need to say a huge thanks to Lewis (who is doing his Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award) and dad Nick – we got all the trees watered and will go back to do the small shrubs and the Nectar Garden if we don’t get some showers. The pond is really low again, but I won’t top it up from the borehole just to evaporate into the atmosphere – it will eventually find its level.

The little orchard trees were pruned earlier this year (thanks to Dom from the wonderful Cambridge Cofarm), so bore little fruit – the thinking is to let them get stronger first, but we’ve had some wonderful sunsets and now the meadow has been mown and cleared in time for this weekend’s airshow.

The Nectar Garden is still full of flowers, providing much needed sustenance for our pollinators. With all the ivy beginning to flower in the hedgerows, there should be plenty of food until the end of the year.

A couple of weeks ago FODGS purchased 2 huge bags of well rotted horse manure from Madingley Mulch and our wonderful team of volunteers fed every tree and shrub with it. S.P. Landscapes gave us 2 huge loads of woodchip and this has been spread around on top of the mulch. This will feed the trees and also stop them drying out. Thanks so much to all of you!

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