July update – big changes coming soon!

  • The field was mown in time for the 12/13th July airshow and a collection was taken on the Saturday, netting £110 for FODGS. Unfortunately it was not possible to make a collection on the Sunday, but the new flyer was handed out. Airshow viewers expressed their thanks and appreciation for the grass cutting and the accessible entrances and were unanimously in favour of the project – though a few requested that no tall trees be planted on the northern boundary.

  • We will ensure the field is at least partially accessible for the 21/22 September airshow.

  • We now have the facility to collect donations by SMS and add gift aid if eligible:

    To donate £3, text FODGS01 to 70331
    To donate £5, text FODGS01 to 70970
    To donate £10, text FODGS01 to 70191

  • Our landscaper, Hortiservices, will begin work on the structure of the site on the 12th August, weather permitting.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page (search for Duxfordgreen) for progress reports and opportunities to volunteer.

  • The whole field has been mown, sincere thanks to Ashley, our botanical expert and farmer for his advice and generosity in cutting the field at no charge this year. Marker sticks on site (painted red) will mark out the design and should be left in place to facilitate the grass cutting.  During mowing, we discovered – and preserved – a pyramid orchid and some marbled white butterflies – many crickets and grasshoppers were also in evidence.

  • We hope to hold a launch event in May or June next year. Any ideas or proposals for crafts, stalls or generally green activities would be very welcome.

  • We are still looking for anyone who has a camera drone and would be willing to take regular photos as work progresses – we want to collect time-lapse photos of the site, both during the landscaping and over the subsequent 2 or 3 years as the site matures through the different seasons. Please get in touch if you can help.

  • Highways have now agreed that we can connect the pavement on the corner of Elms Close to the nearby pedestrian entrance. The Parish Council is currently seeking quotes for the work, which includes building a small retaining wall to ensure the stability of the adjacent fence and the telegraph pole which cannot be moved.

  • Do please encourage your friends and neighbours to join. We will be distributing a flyer with the September Chatterbox and we are hoping that more people will take up membership when they see that work is underway.

  • Please use easyfundraising to do your on-line shopping – it’s easy and costs nothing – switching utilities (including broadband), travel and hotels are all particularly lucrative.
    Do encourage your friends and family to use it by sharing the flyers or by following the link:

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