Autumn Update – trees and otters!

First off, apologies for the lack of progress reports recently.  When almost complete, work on the structure came to a halt in October, due partly to lack of funds but also to the inclement weather.  The much-needed rain wet the mound so much that we could not safely bring a digger onto it to shape it, so this will be done as soon as weather allows.

The pond will remain within its temporary orange fencing, until either the plants have grown up around it, or a more permanent solution can be financed.  However, the connecting path between the gravel path and the rainwater harvesting shelter will soon be added, as will a safety barrier to the dipping deck.

We have 100 bare root trees (small whips) arriving on the 18th November, and will be looking for some willing hands with a spade to plant these during that week.  No digging of large holes will be needed, just a slot within which the whip is placed and closed up.  Do get in touch (email or check the Facebook page (Duxfordgreen) for when we will be on site if you have a spade and can help.

Bigger trees and shrubs have been ordered and will arrive in early December and will be planted the same week.  There are also 6 more memorial trees that will be planted in the coming weeks.

Some excellent news that is not Brewery Field related – our young naturalist who put the bat boxes up on the Biggen has confirmed that they are definitely being used and also that there are definite signs of otter on site.  She is going to install a wildlife camera and report back – very exciting!

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