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Even though the trees are coming into leaf and the orchard is in blossom, we have had to postpone our open day (which would have been in 10 days time) due to the COVID-19 virus.  Just think how good the field will look when we can have our day.

Sarah measured the circuit and it is almost exactly 300m and it’s wonderful to see how many people take their daily exercise on the field.

We might not be able to have our fun day out together, but we have been doing a fair bit to keep the project on track.

  • Our butterfly expert, Mike, has planted the mound with plants to attract particular butterflies;
  • Our ecologist Ashley has seeded the mound with a special chalk loving mix of native wild flowers;
  • We have fixed a lovely new water butt to the bike shelter, to take advantage of the little rain that falls in this region;
  • We will soon install a third dual waste bin at the back of the field to try to encourage more dog owners to pick up after their pet;
  • We are planting up the nectar garden with plants that will attract pollinators;
  • We are watering all the newly planted trees to give them the best chance of thriving;
  • We are creating a wood pile at the rear of the field – this will eventually be fenced off to provide habitat for mammals;
  • We have been checking the pond for amphibians  – so far without success;
  • As soon as we can, we will bring some more soil in for the swale, and we will get the 2 sections of gravel path done.  Who knows – the pavement from the Elms Close corner to the entrance might even be completed too – we do at least have 2 telegraph poles up, but Openreach can’t complete the wiring.

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